Big White

Tuesday - Isabelle needed to care for Alex today, so Kin and I needed to go out into the BIG WHITE without her.

There was another 30 cm of snow this morning. Roger, our neighbor, was out early clearing the driveway. Kin and I decided to go up to Le Tour (1K above our chalet) to see if we could skin up under the lift. We were lucky in that the snow cats had been working hard and had made a beautiful highway up the mountain. There were only two other skiers ahead of us going up (and one big dog). We skinned up about 750 meters (about 1:45, we went slowly). It was snowing lightly. We stop at the top, removed our skins, had a snack and then headed down the mountain. There was so so so much snow. At times the snow was up to the tops of your thighs! I wish that Le Tour were a bit steeper, but it was so much fun. We just wish that Isabelle could have been with us!

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