The Big White Week!

It is snowing "Pizza flakes"!
It is all very exciting, but we still need to be patient as not much is opened. The Grands-Montets is opening with style for this great snowy weekend with ... its main ski lift Bochard being broken down...

Mim and Kin have just arrived yesterday from Boston. They coulnd't have timed it more perfectly.
It took me about an hour to get up to Grands-Montets. There were abandoned cars all the way along the road. YES! It is time to put winter tires on!

We went skinning up some knee deep powder. Excellent tactic to try and beat the jet lag! The descent was fabulous: the piste was like skiing on velvet and "next-to-the-piste" we would sink to our waist. This is starting to become surreal!

Big White Day!

It is still snowing. Very social morning in the neighborhood. Everyone is out having a chat, giving their predictions for the winter. Apparently big berries and rounded potatoes = lots of snow....

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