Champagne Powder!

Very unusual to start my skiing day with the visit of a wine cellar. Jonathan was very excited to show me his new Jacques Selosse champagne acquisitions. I was absolutely astouned by his enthousiasm and comparison with Christophe Profit...

Anselme Selosse, the present owner and winemaker of Jacques Selosse, who many regard as the Champagne region’s greatest producer, is based in Avize. His sometimes unusual methods of wine making have led some to call him the madman of Avize, but this really does not do justice to his brilliance. Indeed perhaps the best way of understanding just how good he is would be to liken him to Christophe Profit, one of Chamonix’s greatest climbers. He produces six different cuvees of Champagne, starting with “Initiale” – 30,000 bottles or so made each year, and culminating in “Substance” (of which a mere 3,000 bottles a year) is made of wines from every year dating back to 1986. His others are “Originale”, “Contraste”, a rose and individual year vintages. Don’t bother looking for his wine in Chamonix or indeed just about any other place – just remember his name in case you are lucky enough to get the chance to drink his elixir.

We skiied some champagne powder today. The secret garden behind the Posettes lift was a dream.

The snow was very crystalised and almost bubbly!

We finished the day with the descent of the Posettes gully. We chose a more radical line which made the skiing a touch more technical.

It got steep and narrow with a snow that was heavier which didn't give much margin for errors.

What a start to the season!

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