Col de Fenestral

Our original plan was to skin up to Bel Oiseau, a stunning peak, which predominates the view when driving up the Col des Montets. It is just on the Swiss border above this isolated high perched village called Finhault.

Very chilled start, I know I have too many layers on and I will need to start peeling off in only a few minutes. I can't help it I like this feeling of getting this warm rush of blood circulating through my body. I am skinning just behind Mim and we have found this chatting rhythm. being each other life coaches...

We made our way up to an amazing amphitheater where we changed objective. Bel Oiseau on the left looked like an intimidating skin up, where as the straight forward zig-zag track up to the Col de Fenestral was too inviting. Plus, the prospect of traversing back into the combe Rossa and entering into an untouched ground was very exciting.

Fantastic last bit of uphill with the Tour Saliere in the background. And then the rewarding views from the summit of the Weisshorn, Dent Blanche, Grand Combin so incredibly plasted in fresh white!

The entrance into our magic combe was a little steeper that expected. It added a little zest of adrenaline to Mim who loves down climbing!
The snow was very disconcerting...It looked so immaculate from the summit. It looked like the dream powder descent. Dommage! I am struggling with my little light weigh kit. I just seem to be able to break the crust and sink down to bottomless powder. Mim described it as skiing on "crème brulée"!
We chose to ignore the map and get further into adding a bit of adventure. We knew we would reach the forestery trails but the last thing expected was to poll our way down. Good for the abs!

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