A Ski Touring Procession!

It seems like the whole of Chamonix is staggering up on a procession ski touring ascent of Tête de Balme. If you are looking to bump into a good friend, Le Tour has been the top spot for the last 2 weeks.

There is this infectious fever about getting ready for the winter. A strange itchy feeling about wanting to suffer the uphill, with weak legs and a heart that is grasping for oxygen. I keep telling myself it is all about the afterward feeling.

What I found most amusing is that everyone is checking out on each other. There is this sort of self-consciousness about style. You surely would not want to find yourself going backwards on your skins or showing some hesitation on your kick-turns. Same for skiing down, it was classic to watch people having to stop after a few out-of-control-turns. Everyone has the same reaction…staring back at the slope blaming the quality of snow…

I think everyone I observed starts off looking at their watch… like if on the 1st day out they would beat some amazing personal record. I tell you there is some secret training going on… The “pros” are already training in their bright sexy lycra suits.

Quel plaisir to be back on skis! There isn’t much snow but well worth it. And the magnificent summit views fill me with a true anticipation for the winter.

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