To Bed or not to Bed?

8h00 in the morning and I am ready to go back to bed!

I have been up since 4am. Alex must be teething… Yet again… How long do babies teeth for? How many teeth do we have…?

Sleep deprivation is definitely my worst enemy. It just drains me. I seem to live on caffeine to keep alive during the day. And if I don’t go outside, I feel sick, become easily irritable, “À Fleur de Peau” we say in French.

I have no energy to brave this gloomy morning mist. My bed is much more inviting and the prospect of catching up on some sleep is tormenting me. We are playing tag with Rick, he is taking over the parental duties. So I have a choice:
To Bed or not to Bed?

I decided to make a break for it and getting out into the fresh air. I didn’t expect to find myself in the middle of winter! I was amazed to see so much fresh white around me. My energy is resuscitated. I am all thrilled to go skinning up the "Pierre a Ric".

A good 30cm of fresh snow. Finding my own pace through this dazzling powder, admiring this fairy scenery, I am thinking how great it is to be on my own, alone at the bottom of this soon-to-be manic ski resort.

I was thankful to follow a fresh track up to Lognan. The track carried on. I couldn’t resist this dream powder, I had to ski it before the Piste bashers finished their pisting job. Yes, good choice, unforgettable descent!

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