Full ON Full Moon!

The full moon has some bizarre influence on my life.

I seriously believe I have ditched Rick's car key in the poubelle and nop, we didn't have a double. The exhaust pipe of my car has decided to mutter like a racing car. Alex is seriously ill, need to see the doctor, need to get to the pharmacy, need to get to the garage as we have no transport. France 2 television wants to interview me ice climbing. There has been a misunderstanding with my bookings... I am starting work a day earlier. Mad rush to find a babysitter. Alex's diarrhoea is getting worst with no hope of going to nursery this week. I have not slept. This week is pretty full on full moon!

This morning I am back on the ice. And all my worries have lifted up. Being outside gives me lots of enery. I don't seem to be tired anymore. The glacier d'Argentière in the background always gives such dramatic ambiance to the Crèmerie.

France 2 in on the spot for an quick interview.
I am officially bad at talking in front of a camera. I just freeze!!!

Dan and Georgia are doing a workshop on footwork technique and body positions...

Confidence Confidence Confidence, that's what ice is all about. Leading with a slack top-rope as a back up is the best way to learn the art of placing ice scews without getting the shaky Elvis leg.

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