White Vallee Blanche (Part 2)

Couldn't resist a group photo... an image to capture an new VB's odd tale.

Dave Etherington came along this morning to rescue the team. It is now a good time to share the wild and the worst VB epics...

What a difference when you can see, you can actually ski into the crevasses!

People always ask me how good of a skier do they need to be. The fact that you are an intermediate skier on a red or black piste will not necessarily make you an accomplished skier for the VB. What you need to ask yourself is if can you ski all kinds of snow over 22km: powder, crust, icy sections... Can you side slip, ski bumps, ski in control through narrow passages in between crevasses.

Then you add up all the extra stress factors: rapid change in weather, no visibility, cold wind, etc. Plus being at altitude will also diminish your physical and technical ability.

The VB is an extraordinary accessible ski adventure. But my last two days made me realise that more info and preparations need to be shared to fully enjoy this unique experience en haute-montagne.

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One Response to White Vallee Blanche (Part 2)

Andy Perkins said...

Hi Isa. Good effort getting them all down! On my first ever paying VB, I had to have 1 client heli-ed off from the Salle a Manger. An "intermediate" skier who just couldn't handle the variable conditions. Plus ca change....


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