White Vallee Blanche! (Part 1)

Pete and I meet the group at 10h00 and we were asked when and where would we have lunch...

What a glorious start of the day, being on top of the world, above the clouds.

The Midi arete provided a first serious challenge for our team. It is becoming very icy and crampons will soon be mandatory.

It took nearly an hour to get down to finally put our skis on. The weather was playing hide and seek but it was still all promising.

Monsieur Meteo was right: it would clear up mid-day...

Yes clearing but only for a short spell of 5 min! We ended up skiing "a la queue leu leu" in total whiteout. What a different game to ski with no visibility. We then heard voices... "help! help!"... Two black shapes emerged in the whiteness. I felt like we were adding wagon to our train. We made it to the Requin hut, it was now 15h30.

To late to catch the train. We had to make a difficult decision. It wasn't safe to continue with the entire group. Getting back to Cham involved more skiing in poor vis with tired folks.

Also meant to get to off the glacier which is getting very interesting at the moment! Then walking up to the buvette on an icy path. To finally ski down a very rocky track, taking skis on and off and finishing in the dark.

9 out of 12 are staying at the hut tonight, having a real mountaineering experience. I would have stayed overnight with them but I didn't know how I would do it for Alex as Rick is absent.

I will take the first lift up tomorrow morning and meet them at the hut to continue our journey down.

What time did we say we would have lunch?

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