Cascade di Lillaz

Bar Licone, Cogne climbers' hub! Starting the day with a capuccino "molto caldo" really makes my day!

The pages of the guest-climbers book seem to be filled with descriptions of Repentence, a very well known grade 6 ice fall. It must be a hook fest by now!

It is Gillian second day on ice and the Cascade des Lillaz is mind blowing. Climbing in the sun, it does goes beyond expectations.
A few weeks ago, Kevin and Isobel contacted me to guide them this weekend... I was already booked so suggested they should hook up with the best female climber in Italy. Anna Toretta.
What a coincidence. We would have liked to coordinate meeting up it wouldn't worked any better. They were the party ahead of us, on the second pitch.

It is very rare to meet other collegue women guide!

The 4th pitch is superb at the moment, very sculptured. Climbing in the right-hand side corner gives it a bit of a mountain goulotte feel.

Couldn't help filming this guy struggling belaying his friend up. I explained the beauty of using a magic plate. His reply: "I have seen them before, Guides seem to be using them'lots!"

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