Secret goulotte!

I am trying to be very discrete gearing up in the far corner. I know the staff at the Aiguille du Midi will be telling me off for putting my crampons on the wooden platform of the bridge.

I need to be quick and install my rappel ropes before the crowd from the next lift arrives.

Here we go, someone walks toward me...OUF! It is David. He would do anything to help... even getting a pair of tweezers to pull a nasty splinter out.

Leaning over the balcony is absolutely mind-blowing! I cannot remember having done such an exhilarating abseil.

Not sure how many raps we need to do but we have added a few extras as our ropes kept getting snagged over rocks and bits of old wires.

This is a proper North Face climb!

I met Christophe Profit last week topping out of a route whilst I was climbing the Cosmique Arête. Had to go and check it out!

And Miriam was the perfect candidate! After all, She is the Original Strong Woman, I know she is steady and will get up anything.

Five full on 50 to 60m pitches. A full body workout! Every single muscle in you body is in action and pleading for oxygen...

Who knows Mim's next book might be titled ... Strong Women, Climb high!

A very aesthetic top-secret line! I shouldn't be blogging about it but can't help it. It was such an inspiring day!

I am not sure Mim has fully grasped what she has achieved.

You are the "Best" Mim!

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