Machaby - Subtle levitation!

Rock climbing in the middle of the winter, this is a real treat for me. And it is so just fun to eclipse away from winter for one day.

There is something magical that happens when I touch warm rock. I don't need to think, I just let me body dance. I draw moves from flash backs of previous holidays, from earlier outings and they come up in waves of happiness.

And this is a real WOW day for both of us, sharing A day together. Almost a novelty this winter!

Very easy venue to get to. Through the Mont-Blanc tunnel. Motorway in a straight line passing along the Val d'Aosta. Exit Verres. Towards Arnad. And there is, a 300m light colored pinkish wall.

The Corma di Machaby is not just purely slab climbing. Yes you have got to know how to smear but it not just padding your way up. It has small holes on beautiful crystalline metamorphic rock. Rick calls it "a subtle levitation"!

The summit view......

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One Response to Machaby - Subtle levitation!

Anonymous said...

I want to join you in Machaby! It looks beautiful.
Miss you. Mim

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