Photo shoot

Aiguille du Midi, the Contamine route. What a fabulous setting for a photo shoot.

We have known and shared with John Norris, professional photographer for over more than a decade. In the past, you were more likely to find John capturing an extreme skiier on a astonishingly line. But now, John is hanging up and down ropes.

Climbing had never been his forte. It is not actually the climbing itself the issue, it was more the appehension of the "vide". Today he has really impressed us with the way he has been trusting the gear and how he has been hanging off belays, leaning in all sorts of positions. Here he is in full pelvic thrust action!

Always interesting to climb and pose at the same time, a sort of slow motion "gestelle". Rick has become an accomplished down climber, he surely knows now the crux of that pitch!

And what a WOW day to be rock climbing in mountains. We are only the 15th of February and it felt like summer on the warm granit!

We surely provided some great entertainment to the VB crowd, they would all ski at the foot of the pillar and talk about the different climbing lines.... The light breeze would clearly carry their voices to us. I tell you, there has been some amusing tales shared by the Chamonix guides!

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