VB Virgins...

They have been briefed by their husbands to minimize the faffing... In French, there is no such a word... "Le faffage" has become my favorite word!

The Vallée Blanche is so mythical, it has such extreme colors and emotions associated to it. With reasons... the hubbies have had an epic last week, skiing down on the Italien side, had to called the helicopter couln't get rescue... Penny and Cordelia were prepared for the adventure!

The arête, the first challenge is a piece of cake with crampons.

I have to say it is spectacular to watch from the viewing platform, a real comedy of puppets slidding all over.

Strong enough skiers to take a variante from the classic route and get away from the crowd.

The tablecloth scored high in front of the local guides!

Ended up being chatted up being this British surgeon who had just been flown to Annecy to performed a live surgery! (with webcams)

When the girls told him they were VB virgins, his response was that maybe he should call his wife and tell her he has fallen in a crevasse!

Fun and dazzingly wild to ski through the ice formations. Had to do a few tricks... grabs and stuff to impress the boys on photos...

What a perfect "for the very first time!"

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2 Responses to VB Virgins...

penlid said...

Cordelia and I had a fantastic day. The boys were very jelous. Franc couldnt stop laughing when the boys told him about the table cloth. Let me know how I can get hold of the photos. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inspiring me to get fit for next season so that I can explore the mountains and experience the freedom of touring. Cordelia

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