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Energy generates energy!

There isn't much ice climbing this time of the year. But... Greg and I had this great plan of skiing the Vallée Blanche and ice climb out of crevasses. I had my eyes set on those spectacular thin fins just before getting to the Montenvers.

The weather decided otherwise. Instead we had a great powder day. Not easy visibility but it was fun in the secret bowls near the rocks.

This morning was one of those days when you look out the window and you feel like going back to bed. But once you are up there, it is truly fabulous. Greg is an ex-Olympic speed skater, he knows what I mean by "Energy generates Energy!" Thanks Greg for this "chilled" day!

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Windy Weekend!

Rona, Josh, Sarah and Peter experienced the most amazing eventful weekend. Starting with a "semi"car crash... The next day having their car broken into... then not being able to do the VB on Saturday because of strong winds...

And today to top it up, we skied the VB in forceful winds...

And for the GRANDE FINALE, the cable car to Montenvers was closed due to this strong Foehn wind. Nice upill hike to finish the day!

What a memorable weekend!

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Under covers!

Difficult to remain incognito!

The Paparazzi followed you all the way to Megève.

Thanks John for being such an efficient and modest assistant.

Thanks James, you are my new skiing hero!

Thanks Deanna you are an inspiring life coach.

Merci for a such WOW 2 weeks!

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Deluxe snow

Fresh deluxe snow for everyone's taste. What a delightful way to start the week.

Almost the full Oppenheimer contingent here!

A nice cornice avalanche! It is always safer to ski on the convex slope!

I can't believe I stopped filming just at the right moment!

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Pillow drops

Winter is back! This morning Alex and I were both very excited to see his truck filled with snow...

In the trees at the back of Le tour, it was phenomenal. Just the right amount of snow to ride without touching the base. Will and James called this run "Pillow drops"

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Never-ending ear infections

I was prepared for the pregnancy. I was warned about the birth. But nobody told me about this stage of never-ending ear infections!!!

Fortunately Alex likes the pharmacy, it is becoming our favorite shop in town!

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We skied what I called the scenic run. I couldn't help pointing out at the two climbers in the middle of the face. Two little dots climbing a route called Modica-Noury which looks in superb conditions.

The classic team photo just above the Salle à manger.

A whole spectrum of blues, the crevasses are spectacular. The ice is has taken an incredible shape almost like some very imposing frozen waves!

Malheureusement. someone did find this whole journey breathtaking... A skier had a heart attack walking back up the set of stairs to Montenvers. It was just too shocking when they made us step across the victim whilst someone was doing CPR.

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Le Bordel at Les Grands-Montets!

It rained down to 1800m and the Aiguille du Midi was closed.

So....... everyone had the same idea... This is the queue for the Plan Joran chairlift!

Now, when people got to Plan Joran, they were stuck... only one chairlift was in operation... Nice one... the Grands-Montets knows how to give top quality service and at making sure no one understand what is going on.

Better, they were letting people embark onto the chairlift on their own, or in parties of two's...
Nice one, quel bordel!

Mnemotechnic works: Pete, Mark, Ian, Alistair, Brian, Patrick, Richard, Mike, Régis. But as soon as they would take their hat and glasses off. I had to start all over again!
Thanks guys, your enthusiasm made the day!

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Gale force winds

Gale force winds in the Chamonix Valley. The Grands Montets started running at around 10h30. And not much was opened.

We headed down to Les Houches which turned out to be an excellent choice. Totally sheltered from the wind!

And The Vieille Luge is a top restaurant for lunch: superb rustic ambiance.

To ski all the way down now is starting to become sketchy. Great job with the snow canons.

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Confidence is the issue!

Fresh trackless snow!

Still at the office...

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Above the Clouds

The forecast was for 70 % sunshine... Well, maybe it should be worded differently: something like 0% visibility below 3000m and 100% sunshine above.

Always amusing to listen to people in the cable car. Someone was pointing at this slope judging its angle at 55 degrees.... Well done guys!

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Away from the Crowd... is the Ultimate goal!

A great way to avoid the crowd on the Vallée Blanche is to ski the Vallée Noire, which is the left hand-side bank as you are skiing down.

It is usually skied by parties coming down from the Italian side.

A very scenic descent, with a full view on all of the unbelievable lines skiers have dared to take...

We finished early enough to get to the Grands Montets and catch a top lift.

Perfect timing, We were on our own until this group came racing by in their big fat skis, making hardly any turns. I have to say, I am tempted to try fat skis...

To save time we used my secret parking spot. Unfortunately it meant that we had to ski the Pierre à Ric at its peaks which essentially defeated my ultimate goal of the day.

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