Le Bordel at Les Grands-Montets!

It rained down to 1800m and the Aiguille du Midi was closed.

So....... everyone had the same idea... This is the queue for the Plan Joran chairlift!

Now, when people got to Plan Joran, they were stuck... only one chairlift was in operation... Nice one... the Grands-Montets knows how to give top quality service and at making sure no one understand what is going on.

Better, they were letting people embark onto the chairlift on their own, or in parties of two's...
Nice one, quel bordel!

Mnemotechnic works: Pete, Mark, Ian, Alistair, Brian, Patrick, Richard, Mike, Régis. But as soon as they would take their hat and glasses off. I had to start all over again!
Thanks guys, your enthusiasm made the day!

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