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Fresh 50 cm of snow and perfect sunshine in April does change the program... North facing slopes for perfect powder or south sides for perfect mush...

Being based at the Lammerenhutte gave us the flexibility to choose the best angle of slopes, well except for the Roter Totz.

Skiing off-piste is about skiing all kinds of snow including perfect "poudre"! Right Jo?

Ski off-piste does imply the use of ski touring equipment. Right Sue?

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First ski tour!

This is it Penny, ski touring!
I chose this itinerary to emerged you into the art of kick turns.
The mixed climbing wasn't part of the initiation...

On a perfect day in a perfect world, the Crochues Bérard is a straightforward tour.
Now, we experienced it a touch more adventurous as Penny's hired boots were 2 sizes too big. A detail she realized when skiing down in a total whiteout. I ended up giving her my own inners to try an pad out the gap.

Garrath confessed he was disappointed not to see the table cloth coming out of my pack...

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Crevasse rescue

Crevasse rescue: un jeu d'enfants!

Et de Chats...

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Cycling to work

The babyseat is very useful for carrying extra equipment!
I should design a ski rack to make it easier.

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Exclusive Legend Girls

Between the three of us, we had pretty much the whole range of the Exclusive feminine line chez Dynastar.

The Exclusive Legend

For the experienced woman skier who likes to ski off-piste when conditions are good. She needs a ski that’s stable and effective on all kinds of snow and terrain.

The Exclusive Legend Powder
Discovering the mountain.-The Exclusive Legend Powder is dedicated to excellent women skiers dreaming of freedom and nature, they want stability and high performance on every adventure.

The Exclusive Legend Pro Rider
A day of Freeriding...-The arrival of the Exclusive Pro Rider expands the range even further for the most intensive women skiers who’ve chosen the powder as their favorite playground.

Hey Nathalie, what kind of skier do you want to be?

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Les copains d'abord!

Une journée avec les copains!

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