First ski tour!

This is it Penny, ski touring!
I chose this itinerary to emerged you into the art of kick turns.
The mixed climbing wasn't part of the initiation...

On a perfect day in a perfect world, the Crochues Bérard is a straightforward tour.
Now, we experienced it a touch more adventurous as Penny's hired boots were 2 sizes too big. A detail she realized when skiing down in a total whiteout. I ended up giving her my own inners to try an pad out the gap.

Garrath confessed he was disappointed not to see the table cloth coming out of my pack...

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One Response to First ski tour!

Anonymous said...

I feel reassured that I'm not the only one to make bad boot decisions. I feel a bond with Penny, it is cetainly challenging skiiung in the wrong boots!


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