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Something for everyone

We took the first lift up for our mountain morning trip.

Impressive, dramatic North face ambiance. Wearing a t-shirt makes it look like a surreal photo!

Afternooon with the family team.
Annabelle, looking very graceful and stylish.

Robert, showing some crucial moves to Danna, ex-rock climbing champion.

Josh and Penny working on the 'Frog' technique...

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Sun's out: Gun's out!

Le Col de la Colombière is the best rock climbing venue in the Haute Savoie.

La Soupe aux Lards
: too many jugs for Mason

Steep overhanging Mim! Thanks Woo for the special angle effect...

The bouquetins enjoyed watching us defy gravity!

Just call me "Kin Sharma"...

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Par les 3 Mont-Blanc

Mont-Blanc du TaculLe Mont-Maudit
The last stretch, Le Mont-Blanc

The summit to ourselves!Excellent conditions on the Maudit Couloir
The afterwards feeling...

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Le Mont-Blanc to ourselves!

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