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The Alpine Arc'ademy held in CHAMONIX, a unique weekend of mountaineering education, a sharing of passion, inspiration and experiences! See you in June 2014!

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Teaser Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2014

A powerful inspiration for my son to be featuring 3 sec for the Mini cross Race...  He won his next race two day later! 

Watching this teaser makes me want to become a runner! Who wants to join on the KM Vertical?

L'édition 2014 du Marathon du Mont-Blanc se déroulera le dernier week-end de juin du vendredi 27 au dimanche 29 juin 2014 à Chamonix Mont-Blanc et trois des six…

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Arc'teryx is launching the first issue of an online journal of stories called LITHOGRAPHICA
Check it out:

Archaeopteryx lithographica, specimen displayed at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin
"Good conversation is an exploration; it engages the mind, hosts many perspectives, changes direction and is designed to entertain. LITHOGRAPHICA is a quarterly journal of stories that seeks out ideas, shares knowledge and keep itself open to possibility..."

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Magical Autumn Alpine light

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. 
~ Stanley Horowitz

 The contrast brought by the fresh snow enhance the autumn colors with a soft, pure and deep feel.

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Kalymnos- rock climbing therapy!

After an inital intense welcome to Kalymnos by the freezing/cold MELTEMI winds, we are back to normal Kalymnian temperatures!


I will not complain it is too warm to climb in the sun now!

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360 Panorama- Kalymnos

I've just discovered this 360° panorama App.!prettyPhoto

Super easy to use and it make really beautiful/artistic panoramic pictures. I just need to hit the camera button on my iphone and start spinning,  looking up, down, left, and right and it captures and stitches it all together. I can either send it as a flat picture or use their interactive spin file.

Have a go, it's a fantastic FREE App!

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KALYMNOS Sun Rock and Sea Breeze climbing course

DATES 2013   OCTOBER 12-19th

I loved it so much in KALYMNOS last May that I have decided to organise one more rock climbing coaching course this autumn.  

KALYMNOS is the ideal venue for all levels. The different styles and the top-quality limestone are worth the detour. It is very unique to be able to climb steep, overhanging routes and "Tufas" in the 5 and 6a level. 

Fueling up with the SUN & SEA before the winter is a real bonus. Plus it will also set you up with a good incentive to get to the gym this winter and focus on a training program.

COST :  650 Euros per person which includes 5 days guiding,  my travels and my accommodation. Price is based on a group of minimum 4 pers.

1. Improving your self-confidence
2. Learning about techniques & tactics
3. Learning about safety and rescue scenarios
4. Sharing experiences and meeting other climbers
5. Having a fun and climbing without pressure

CLIMBING: I am suggesting 5 days climbing/coaching (one rest day in the middle) 

LEVEL: Seconding grade 4c/5a is the minimum requirement. No leading requirements.

GROUP RATIO: 4 -5 persons per group is an ideal ratio

ACCOMMODATION:ACCOMMODATION: I stayed at the Elena village  I found it is the best hotel/apartment on the island. The swimming pool was a real delight after climbing. It was 50 Euros for an apartment with a seperate bedroom. There are other cheaper options but it was worth it is just outside of the mainstream noise of town. I can liaise with other participant if you want to share an apartment.

FOOD: Breakfast in your apartment, afternoon greek salad and evening fresh grilled fish is the classic daily itinerary menu. Super cheap and so delicious!

TRANSPORT/LOGISTIC:  I am happy to help out and liaise with participants.

Contact me if you need more info:


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KALYMNOS- Escalade en Grèce

KALYMNOS est le SPOT pour l'escalade à tous les niveaux...

Merci à Vitaliy et Paris pour avoir su capturer l'essence de notre itinéraire à Kaymnos.

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KALYMNOS is the ideal spot for having fun projects at any levels!

Thanks to Vitaliy and Paris for capturing the essence of our trip to Kalymnos...

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Kalymnos PART 1

"I forgive you, it is your first time. Next year you come for a month!"

Yes the local shopkeeper was right: 10 days is just enough time to get a rhythm going.

 Classically just as it is time to leave, it feels like you are ready to start the trip. Mentally we felt stronger, physically in-tuned and we had our new social climbing network sorted!

Kalymnos is a real HUB. A true international scene: Americans, Portuguese, Australians, Austrians, "Bavarians" who claimed to be Austrian... Polish and lots of Chamoniards... At the classic intro question being "where're you from" : our team raised a few eyebrows: Vitaliy is Russian, Paris is Philippinos both from LA, and I am Québécoise from Chamonix...

This blend of nationalities mixes with all levels of climbers, generations and styles!

The common denominator to all climbers is breaking the grade barrier. At all levels. we ultimately get an obsession with numbers.

As a friend said: "who cares about grades, it only counts when you succeed!"

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I have millions of ideas whirling around in my head. I think in two languages and I seem to be processing my thoughts in concepts.

I have millions of to do's on my list. I have millions of lists. I feel I have millions of things on the go.
I love it when it becomes overwhelming, I seem to work well when it is all "happening"!

I do need to get my priorities right. So back to blogging! Reading back at my first blogs, it makes me realise that blogging is like writing a diary with a digital album: it captures and freezes my everyday extra-ordinary life in this vertical world.

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