Kalymnos PART 1

"I forgive you, it is your first time. Next year you come for a month!"

Yes the local shopkeeper was right: 10 days is just enough time to get a rhythm going.

 Classically just as it is time to leave, it feels like you are ready to start the trip. Mentally we felt stronger, physically in-tuned and we had our new social climbing network sorted!

Kalymnos is a real HUB. A true international scene: Americans, Portuguese, Australians, Austrians, "Bavarians" who claimed to be Austrian... Polish and lots of Chamoniards... At the classic intro question being "where're you from" : our team raised a few eyebrows: Vitaliy is Russian, Paris is Philippinos both from LA, and I am Québécoise from Chamonix...

This blend of nationalities mixes with all levels of climbers, generations and styles!

The common denominator to all climbers is breaking the grade barrier. At all levels. we ultimately get an obsession with numbers.

As a friend said: "who cares about grades, it only counts when you succeed!"

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