SATURDAY September 24th and THURSDAY October 6th
10h30 to 15h30 At Les Gaillands

With Isabelle Santoire & Florence Coudray 

Pleasure and peace of mind on the rock, learn or revisit climbing safety techniques.  Yoga postures are the perfect preparation for the body to develop stability & flexibility, breathing exercises bring concentration & confidence, it also helps to recover after effort.  

We will share our good mood and experiences to develop both practices, and create opportunities to meet other climbers, both male and female of the same abilities.
Isabelle Santoire is the mountain guide, human explorer. Florence Coudray is the Yoga teacher, human mat searcher

We met in August 2001 climbing a classical route in the massif, 
an unforgettable experience! 


This course is not only open to women but also to men, dads, brothers, cousins !
The program is flexible and you can join in for 1 or 2 days, as you please.

Climbing Level : 4a to 6a on Top rope and if you want to lead we will coach and help you choose a line to gain confidence.

Program : 10h25 meet in the parking lot next to the café.

10h30-11h30 : Yoga  Dynamic poses, preparation to climbing movements, breathing, attention & quietness.

11h30-13h30 Workshop 6 persons :

·      How to use your feet efficiently? How to create holds ?
·      How to improve hand holds
·      How to keep your forarms from pumping…
·      Hips and momentum, weight transfer and play with gravity

·      Harnais, Tying in,  body check /triple check
·      Belaying Technique with reverse and grigri
·      Communication, climbing calls
·      Lowering someone smoothly !!!

·      2  Easier ropes : Climbing making a max of small steps
·      2 Long ropes :  Learn to move efficiently on longer and more exposed climbs.
·      2 Technical ropes: Twist and turn, learn how to take advantage of body mechanics and levers.

13h30 lunch break

14h-15h Review of Abseiling

15h-15h30  Yoga : Restorative postures and relaxing breathing.

Equipment :
Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, belay device (+gloves)

Climbing mat:  we can lend you one.

Picnic, water, sun screen & sun hat, warm top & windproof

Reservations: Contact me directly 06 88 65 27 75 or simply click that you are joining on this Facebook page:

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